TEIJO –Technically advanced cleaning machines for industrial use

Founded in 1967, TEIJO has delivered over 20 000 cleaning machines in more than 120 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.
TEIJO has become world-wide known for high-quality products, reliability and flexibility.

The design philosophy of cleaning machines is based on cleaning effectiveness, energy efficiency and a long-life cycle. Our customers appreciate the ease of use of our cleaning machines and the wide selection of extra equipment we offer.

TEIJO’s cleaning machines find their suitability in every industry whether integrated in the manufacturing line for product surface cleaning, or in workshops where maintenance is essential. Starting from automotive industry to railway, maritime, offshore platforms, nuclear and wind plants, contaminants are removed from components safely and efficiently.

Operating policy                  
We develop our operations continuously and goal-oriented in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce our environmental footprint. We cherish systematic methods of operation and prefer partners who reduce their environmental load. We undertake to comply with the laws and regulations regarding our operations.

Strategy and vision                   
Strategically, we aim to remain the domestic market leader and expand market areas to new regions or countries. Our vision is to implement the strategy plan in a customer-oriented and profitable manner.