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TEIJO industrial cleaning machines have been manufactured since 1967 and during that period more than 15,000 machines, standard and special have been delivered to customers all over the world. The main markets for Teijo have been Scandinavia and Europe, where the name is renowned for quality, reliability and innovative design. Production in Nakkila started 1987.

TEIJO -industrial cleaning solutions for 50 years – TEIJO Cleaning Machines Ltd 30 year’s jubilee

The manufacturing of TEIJO industrial cleaning machines started already 50 years ago in Finland at the little village called Teijo when a well-known Finnish industrial group Wihuri started to produce them in their mechanical workshop in 1967. After some organizational and ownership arrangements the manufacturing of TEIJO -machines was transferred to the parish of Nakkila where TEIJO Cleaning Machines Ltd was established in 1987.

So now we are celebrating our 30 year’s jubilee as a Finnish pioneer in manufacturing industrial cleaning solutions. There has arisen some spin offs during these years but all industrial cleaning machines produced in Finland are based on these original TEIJO -machines. We are also the biggest supplier of these types of solutions in Scandinavia.

TEIJO – efficient cleaning solutions for semi centenary!



Excellent cleaning results

Reliable and easy to use

Low life cycle costs

Large fluid tank

Minimum maintenance

TEIJO® - economical

Efficient filtering extends the service life of the washing fluid

Good insulation reduces heat loss

Cleaning agent costs are low

The pump’s shut-off valve enables performing maintenance without draining the fluid tank

TEIJO® - safe and eco-friendly

The closed washing fluid circulation is safe and eco-friendly

Most alkaline cleaning agents are biodegradable

The oil coming off the components being washed can be separated from the washing fluid using an oil separator (accessory)

Teijo Cleaning Machines Ltd offers effective solutions for production in various areas.

The traditional expertise of the company rests in standard cleaning machines for manufactures of metal work-pieces. We have developed effective and reliable cleaning concepts for a large range of products.


This machine type is suitable for component cleaning, for example, at

car and lorry repair shops

engine machining shops

car electrics repair shops

vocational education institutions

industrial repair shops

pump repair shops

electric motor repair shops

In engineering industry manufacture, these machines are used for

component cleaning before welding

removing anti-corrosive agents before machining

cleaning machined components



Top-loading machines are made in tree sizes, TL-650SS, TL-900SS and TL-1150SS.

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The product range comprises six machine sizes C-800SS…C-2600SS. This number indicates the top spray pipe’s rotational diameter in millimetres.

There are two door type options: the hinged door KD; machines C-800SS…C-1600SS the pneumatic lifting door PD-1; machines C-800SS…C-2600SS The machines equipped with the pneumatic lifting door can be equipped with either the fixed load platform (LP) or load trolley (LT).

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TEIJO manufactures machines in five sizes of which the C-100SS and C-1200SS have two tanks and the other sizes C-1600SS, C-2000SS and C-2600SS with two or three tanks. The machines are equipped with a single pneumatic door but can be supplied with two doors on required. The machine are equipped with either load platform (all models) or load trolley (only C-1000 – C-2000).

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TEIJO 2005 

TEIJO 2005 is liquid, water based cleaner, suitable for cleaning of all metals.

TEIJO 2005 efficiently removes remaining parts of machining oil, pigment dirt and other greasy contamination.

TEIJO 2005
is used for cleaning of all metals and composition metals in washing applications,
but can also be used at dip cleaning or at electrolytic cleaning.


Safety Data Sheet TEIJO2005 Eng(pdf)

TEIJO2005 Label (pdf)


TEIJO SERVICE offers spare parts, services and product support for all TEIJO product ranges.

The quality of the production often depends on the origin and availability of spare parts. Fast action is usually essential. We have in our spare parts warehouse many parts available right off the shelf. With an efficient logistics system, spare parts are dispatched to the customer as soon as possible.



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